Vitamin face capsule
Vitamin face capsule
Vitamin face capsule
Vitamin face capsule
  • February 20, 2024 5:27 pm
  • Kabul, Kabul

Vitamin face capsule :


✨Good news…

✨Good news…

✨Good news…

For those who are from


Just like,


Black or dark,

Black spots means freckles on the face.

Brown spots or toppes,

Steam places and/or prints,

Etc. Flaws on their face cover suffer.


Whitening and Perfect Skin Smoothing Capsule which is a single dose or a supplement package of smooth, clear and whitening facial skin contains 200 capsules, two of which are massaged onto the facial skin for 10 minutes in less than 5 minutes Loads of use, the result appears very well,

That the cure for all the above faults or sayings is 100%.

Say goodbye to dark spots, blemishes, vapor, freckles, brown spots and completely blemishes on your face skin forever with this product.


Trust from you…

Quality and function from us… Price 800 Afghani

🛍️To place orders in Call, WhatsApp and Messenger, we are at the service of you dears and tasteful people. Contact and whatsapp number. 0775533580 0792330045


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